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“After having a terrible experience with Merits of Manitoba I decided to retain POINTTS™ after getting a free consultation from Elizabeth. She was upfront and honest. She explained clearly and without any false promises. If you are fighting a traffic ticket in Manitoba, I recommend POINTTS™ without any hesitations. – Gemma”


  • Drive Carelessly
  • Drive Imprudently
  • Disobey Traffic Control Device/Sign/Light
  • Drive No Insurance/License/Registration
  • Drive Disqualified
  • Follow Too close
  • Pass Stopped School Bus
  • Speeding
  • Racing Motor Vehicle
  • Use Cellular Device (Distracted Driving)

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Defending you since 1987!
At POINTTS™, we are committed to providing top-tier legal representation that protects your license and saves you money on insurance, so you can get back on the road with peace of mind.


If you get a traffic ticket, it can lead to serious consequences such as paying a fine, losing points from your driver’s license, or not being able to drive anymore. So, it’s important to take the ticket seriously and get advice from POINTTS™ The Traffic Ticket Specialists® if you have any questions about it.

Driver Safety Rating (DSR) Scale

The DSR scale shows how well you drive, and good driving moves you up the scale which means you can save money on your car insurance – up to 40% on your vehicle premiums and up to $30 on your driver’s license premiums.

On the other hand, bad driving such as causing accidents or getting certain types of tickets can move you down the scale, making your insurance more expensive.

The highest risk drivers might have to pay $3,000 for their driver’s license and not save anything on their vehicle insurance.

Effective April 1, 2023, the DSR scale will  have Level 17. Discounts on vehicle premiums will also be increased for drivers at levels +3 to +16.


  • not obeying a traffic sign: two levels down the scale
  • speeding less than 50 km/h over the allowable speed limit: two levels down the scale
  • driving without wearing a seatbelt:
    two levels down the scale

  • careless driving or using a hand-held electronic device while driving: five levels down the scale
  • driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol: 10 levels down the scale
  • speeding 50 km or more over the allowable speed limit: 10 levels down the scale
  • leaving the scene of an accident: 10 levels down the scale
  • impaired driving causing death: 15 levels down the scale

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167 Lombard Ave
Ste 500
Winnipeg, MB
R3B 0V3

*By appointment only


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You retain POINTTS™ The Traffic Ticket Paralegals to fight your ticket in court. We do our utmost to get you the best possible outcome.


POINTTS Paralegals are licensed and bonded by the province of Manitoba since 1987.

POINTTS (Provincial Offences Information and Traffic Ticket Service) has been committed to providing quality legal representation to over a million satisfied clients.

We help our clients with traffic tickets, accidents and offences related to the Highway Traffic Act as well as legal representation in court and legal advice

When you decide to fight your charge with the help of POINTTS, we guide you through the process and do everything possible to give you a successful outcome. We are not just any traffic ticket defense company, we are the one others try to imitate.


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