Follow Too Close

4 demerit points & a fine of up to $500

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Following Too Closely

Demerit Points

4 Points


Up to $500 plus court costs.

Follow Too Close

  • Following too closely violates s. 158 of the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Drivers must maintain a safe distance considering speed and road conditions.
  • Penalties: 4 demerit points and fines up to $500.

Commercial Motor Vehicles

  • Commercial vehicles traveling at speeds exceeding 60 kilometers per hour must maintain a distance of at least 60 meters from other vehicles, as per the Highway Traffic Act.
  • Exceptions are made for commercial vehicles overtaking and passing other vehicles.


  • Fines range from $110 to $500.
  • Four demerit points are assigned.
  • G1, G2, M1, and M2 drivers face a 30-day license suspension.
  • A conviction remains on the driving record for 3 years and may impact insurance rates.

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Enforcement Guidelines

  • Police commonly use the rule of thumb that for every 10km/h in speed, a driver should maintain at least one car length distance.
  • For example, when traveling at 60km/h, a driver is expected to be approximately six car lengths behind the vehicle in front.
  • Tailgating on highways is a prevalent reason for issuing a “Following Too Closely” charge.

Involvement in Accidents

  • Drivers involved in rear-end accidents are often charged with “Following Too Closely.”
  • To prove this charge in court, a witness must testify that the following vehicle was too close over a significant distance leading up to the accident.
  • However, in many rear-end accidents, the leading vehicle suddenly stops, making it challenging for the following vehicle to avoid collision.


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I shopped around with a few known Traffic Ticket Paralegals and chose POINTTS™ Traffic Tickets because they listened to me and gave me clear options. There were no false promises and nor did they give me any hopes. I want to thank them for getting my charges dismissed and saving my demerits. I will recommend POINTTS™ to anyone who has received a Traffic Ticket and wants to fight it.

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I called POINTTS™ and spoke with one representative and she was wonderful. They are very helpful, honest and are efficient with their communications. The representative that I had really did get me the best outcome possible given my situation. I would definitely choose them over X-Copper. That amazing!! 10 stars out of 5! Thank you so much. Hopefully won’t need your services in the future, but if I do there will be no hesitation.


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