Stunt Driving

Section 172(1) of the Highway Traffic Act in Ontario.
Stunt Driving in Ontario is also known as “Racing” or “Drive Motor Vehicle – Perform Stunt Driving”. Exceeding the speeding limit by 40 km/h in a zone less than 80 km/h.

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What is Stunt Driving?

  • Driving with an Intent to chase another motor vehicle
  • Driving without due care and attention
  • Driving/Racing at a speed of over 50km/hr over the speed limit
  • Driving with an intent to spin the motor vehicle in circles (a donut)
  • Under the Highway Traffic Act, you are Stunt Driving (or Racing) when your speed is greater than 50km / hour over the stated speed limit.
  • A Stunt Driving or Racing ticket is not a criminal charge. It is an offence under Part III of the Highway Traffic Act of Ontario s.172
  • Driving in excess of 50 km/h over the posted speed limit in a zone 80 km/h and above
  • Driving in excess of 40 km/h over the posted speed limit in a zone less than 80 km/h
  • Driving in excess of 150 km/h
  • According to the Ministry of Transportation, if you are convicted of ‘Stunt Driving’, then you will need to complete a driver improvement course before you can reinstate your license.
  • Read more about Bill 282 – MOMS (Moving Ontarians More Safely Act)

Consequences of Stunt Driving on Insurance

Stunt driving tickets have a threefold impact on a driver’s insurance rates:

  1. Immediate 30-day roadside license suspension
  2. Conviction appearing on the driving record
  3. License suspension upon conviction

When a driver is charged with stunt driving, the police officer will instantly suspend the driver’s license for 30 days. This suspension will be promptly recorded on the driver’s record and made available to insurance companies.

While insurance companies are typically not notified of the charge directly, they can see the suspension if they review the driver’s record.

A license suspension or conviction for stunt driving can significantly affect insurance rates for a duration of 3-5 years.

It is important to note that stunt driving is not a criminal offense; instead, it is a violation of the traffic laws in the Province of Ontario.

Do I need A Lawyer?

Paralegals are specially trained with a strong emphasis on dealing with traffic tickets. This means their education is more tailored and concentrated on this topic.

Having a representative with a lot of experience might be the most valuable thing for you. This includes being familiar with the prosecutor, knowing the Justices of the Peace, having worked on cases like yours before, and knowing what approaches work best to get you a good outcome. Most of the folks who have a lot of experience with traffic court in Ontario are paralegals.

In Ontario, most of the folks who have a lot of experience with traffic court are actually paralegals.

In simple terms, most companies in Ontario that help you fight a traffic ticket use paralegals, not lawyers, to represent you.

Even if a lawyer owns or runs the firm, they’ll often send a paralegal to court instead.

If you have any doubts, check the Paralegal/Lawyer Directory at the Law Society of Ontario. You should be informed about who will be standing up for you in court.

Also, it’s not unusual for lawyer offices to give their traffic ticket cases to paralegal companies. Paralegals tend to have more experience with traffic court.

Penalties for Stunt driving

  • 6 Demerit Points
  • On a first conviction, suspension for not less than one year and not more than three years;
  • On a second, suspension for not less than three years and not more than 10 years;
  • On a third, suspension indefinitely.
  • A fine of $2,000 – $10,000 upon conviction
  • Hefty insurance premiums upon conviction or cancellation
  • Driver’s licence suspension (no more than 2 years.  Let POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Paralegals defend you.Get additional information on Demerit Points

Fight Stunt Driving Charge

It is strongly recommended that you seek legal counsel and representation if you face stunt driving charges in Ontario. Stunt driving is a severe offense, and a conviction could result in significant penalties, including fines, license suspension, and even imprisonment.

Can you represent yourself in court? Let’s examine this option:

Self-representation in court is possible, but it is typically not recommended, particularly for serious charges like stunt driving. A POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialist® can offer the expertise, experience, and support required to effectively contest your charges while ensuring your rights are protected throughout the legal process.

A POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialist® can help you understand your legal rights, assess the prosecution’s case against you, and devise a defense strategy that may help you avoid or lessen the penalties associated with a conviction.

Besides offering legal representation, a POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialist® can also assist you in navigating the intricate legal system, communicating with the prosecution and court, and negotiating with the Crown Attorney’s office on your behalf. They can help you comprehend the potential consequences of a conviction and work towards minimizing those consequences as much as possible. Contact POINTTS™ The Traffic Ticket Specialists for a Free Quote.

Ontario’s Stunt Driving Specialists

Looking for a Stunt Driving Lawyer?

  • It’s all about hiring the right specialist.
  • Ask Questions. What is the Fee? Who is going to attend court?
  • POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialists® have been fighting Speeding Offences Since 1984.
  • POINTTS™ Traffic Ticket Specialists do not give guarantees. We do not have a magic wand and we cannot make an offence go away. We use the years of experiance and defend you.
  • There are no Hidden Fees. We charge a Flat Rate. It doesn’t matter how many times we attend court or communicate with the courts. It’s a Flat Fee.
  • POINTTS™ offers affordable access to justice.
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Stunt Driving Excuses

  • I just bought the car and wanted to test how fast it can go
  • The speedometer is broken
  • I was following the flow of traffic
  • I was getting late for work
  • I was just trying to pass the truck and get to my exit
  • I had to go to the bathroom
  • I did not see the sign
  • I had it on cruise control. It must not be working.
  • My kids had to pee.

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